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The right choice for national football but...

ANGUS Eve is currently the best choice for national football coach However, legitimate questions arise about the procedure adopted in making that decision. In the absence of a technical committee, should the Normalisation Committee have arrogated unto itself that responsibility without consulting other stakeholders in the football fraternity? This is exactly what was feared by football administrators and wary supporters when FIFA first introduced the idea of a normalisation committee. It was not the concept but the procedure that caused the disquiet.

Many felt the local Association should have been consulted, in keeping with the rules of FIFA itself.

It must be remembered that the first few persons invited to sit on that Committee declined the offer, not because of lack of interest or desire to contribute but because they anticipated the very thing which is happening now: that the independence of the organisation would have been compromised.

FIFA has no interest in democracy and democratic institutions. There is no intention to allow a tiny Third World nation like T&T any chance to challenge a world power like FIFA. T&T had to be taught a lesson!

The dysfunction that attends FIFA is amply demonstrated by the idiocy that was displayed at the recent match between England and Hungary, where the racism of Hungary's supporters was ignored, even after the previous UEFA match. If UEFA could be neglected, who is Trinidad and Tobago?

The Normalisation Committee is walking in the footsteps of its mentor, FIFA. No one should expect anything different. We make the decisions and you comply, no questions asked. Concerned football supporters can only look on in dismay.

Karan Mahabirsingh

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