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Baffling decisions by the PM, says Paray

■ Susan Mohammed

PRIME MINISTER Dr Keith Rowley must urgently and critically review his management of the Covid-19 crisis, especially in light of his latest strange and contradictory decisions.

This from United National Congress Mayaro Member of Parliament Rushton Paray who said that the Prime Minister has left the country baffled by permitting the reopening of casinos, where there would expectedly be high human traffic, and denying in-house dining at restaurants, where hygienic measures are observed. The decision to prohibit the sale of snacks at cinemas is downright bizarre, said Paray in a media statement yesterday.

He added that the country is also confused that they could access beaches but not rivers, and that attendance at places of worship are being limited to an hour.

Paray said, 'Those and other measures during the eightmonth pandemic confirm that the Rowley administration does not have a handle on the crisis and is making decisions by 'vaps' and without rigorous analysis. It is regrettable that the Prime Minister has not sought to emulate the steps taken by progressive and visionary governments that have achieved measurable successes in this global challenge.'

He said that the Prime Minister is only advised by his inner medical team, which itself has not benchmarked its goals.

'Countries that have been most effective against Covid-19 have instituted widespread testing and tracing, along with aggressive quarantining, isolating and other proven measures. They have also consulted with medical, economic and other experts, and have implemented purposeful stimuli measures to assist the private sector and its workers. In Trinidad and Tobago, thousands of workers remain displaced, and more than 100,000 more are being directly and indirectly affected by the limiting of restaurant services,' he said.

'The Government's short-sighted and odd management of the crisis is sure to create further long-term economic woes in a country with a massive fiscal deficit, soaring unemployment and historic debt. Dr Rowley must immediately study countries that have been resilient against Covid-19, such as Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand, and implement appropriate measures. The continued slipshod handling of this crisis could lead to disastrous results which may negatively impact the national population for a generation,' said Paray.

Paray said that the Covid-19 emergency demands dynamic, enlightened and open-minded leadership, which has not yet been displayed by the Rowley- led Government.

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